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Unboxing $800 Gucci slippers but why is Gucci using Kangaroo fur? 😡

I was super excited to get these until i found out about the kangaroo fur. Yes, I wear fur, but this was odd to me, I hope its some sort of scrap fur. -I wear a GUCCI 7 US MENS…

Y’all was looking for me….Here I go !

So I know that I’ve been gone for a minute guys but I’m making my return…I really just want to revamp my entire youtube stuff like banner and all that. smhhh source

DIY CRYSTAL NIKES – How to bedazzle sneakers – with On Feet (AF1)

How to bedazzle your Nike’s swoosh!!! and elevate the heck out of an air force one….all product details will be listed below. Materials: air force 1: original crystals: Swarovski (recommended): e600 glue: i recommend the minis,…