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DIY Luxury Bikini Crush Swimwear

Hey my beautiful dolls,

I can not believe I made this beauty right here 🙂 I am so into doing projects like this at home, on my own and I figured why not just start posting them. I have so many ideas and projects on my list of things to do so please stay tuned. I know summer isn’t here just yet but it isn’t to far away for us here in Florida. Anyone who knows me understands the importance of Beaded and bedazzled statement pieces in my closet. If it has bedazzles be sure the item WILL be in my cart without thinking twice about it. Lol
I have always wanted to embellish my own swim wear as the ones I have searched for online can run anywhere from $400-$1000. I don’t know about you but I much rather learn how to make something similar and just do it myself. By no means is this project professional work but it was a first time for me and I am very impressed with the end result.

Things Used:
Solid Swimsuit
2 rhinestone appliques ($10 each)
Rhinestone trim (I used 5 yards)
Swarovski crystals (1 Pack of 72)
Statement necklace of your choice (make sure it can be taken apart)
Tear drop rhinestone gems (I used 30)
E6000 glue
Tool for picking up rhinestones (you can use an eyeliner)
Butter knife or stainless steal makeup tool
1 Brooch
Round tip needle nose pliers



  1. want to bedazzle my Giuseppe zanotti sneakers the Jennifer Lopez high top croc. material with the gold tone straps I'm so in love with the high top black suede swarovski high top wedge sneaker they ran out no more if someone has those and if they would like to trade I'm down gently gently used or email me so I can see pictures and you can see pictures of mine 7 or 7 1/2

  2. Thank you for this video!!! I'm need a bikini for a pageant soon and I don't want to spend $200 of dollars for a bikini I'll only wear once.


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