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My 24 Hour Panic Attack

This video is long but all of the information is important to the story and worth it.
*Side note: I now realize that I kept saying “disassociation” instead of “dissociation”. I’m just a silly scrambled gal.







  1. Hi, how are you doing? Just wanted to ask you a question. I have tourettes and I kind of feel dizzy and feel like im not there but im there while driving sometimes. My tics get worse too, wanted to see if u ever felt the same. Its like panic attacks but im not even nervous or have sweating or rapid heart beat.

  2. What an ordeal. Glad you were safe, and I'm hoping things have mellowed for you since then.

    I get painful hearing / sensory overload like you are describing, that comes and goes. Like having a giant headache right under the surface that stabs through at a certain loudness-threshold/frequencies. I try to bring ear plugs with me everywhere now (they come in little resealable plastic pouches). You can also get reusable ones for concerts etc, that have a much lower dB reduction so you can still hear people talk.

    Also for fidget toys, I like those little finger-grip-strengthener devices. You can do different rhythms and patterns with them 🙂

  3. Be care-full with the Valium… I personally hate that use them but they themselves could cause problems. I take rather few and enjoy that more so than feeling medicated and numb. But yeah thanks for sharing your story. Mine are about to kick in… You may with get a fidget toy or something. But you know yourself best. Be safe… Peace and Love.

  4. 4 out of 5 proctologist agree I'd make a really bad dentist, with that in mind, let's get this party started.

    My diagnosis is if you have 3 brothers all 3 named larry, togather they won't create a sister named named Sally. From what your saying, your describing 3 separate issues and trying/hoping they all 3 come to the same conclusion

    The 1st larry is the is the easiest to addresse the girl in class/ on the bus. You have to remember you have tourettes and have scence very early in life and have earned a few bloody nose for that little privilege in life, the thing about us is we want to be the last person on the planet that would want to make fun of a little bald headed 8 year old girl with leukemia or laugh at someone that's twisted up like a pretzel from the ravages of muscular dystrophy… why is thst, because we have been used and abused by others … and we know what a barbed wire t shirt feels like… So naturally when the girl moved across the room, you probably felt like you were responsible for her discomfort… and it could well be that your tourettes were responsible or maybe she just likes window spiders… you wont know or will never know until you confront her and let her know and reassure her that she is safe to say anything from you have bad breath to your the anti christ, to she likes the heat register on this side of the room… But I'd get healthy before that type of 1 On 1 conference

    Larry #2 DRUGS, …. AWESOME DRUGS… who dosnt like kind altering drugs, there just fun and colorful

    The fact that your doctor has begun the process of bringing you off should be considered very serious , haldol, prozac, lithium, valume… That stuff can be some rather invasive aliens once inside the body, just watch a tv commercial for drugs to treat things like toe fungus, and overly loud farting disorder and pay close attention to the side effects, … drugs can do some messed up crazy things

    To go drug free… that is such a personal choice I'd never offer to give you a root canal on that one… I did the drugs in my youth, but with my 30 years later Tourettes 2.0 I'm not doing them, I'm done with drugs, ive got my good days and my bad moments, and you make the best of it… at least I'm sober, sentient and clear-minded… which is more important then twitching like a fly being eaten by a spider in public… But alot of what you described sounded like the enjoyable side effects of great awesome drugs

    Larry #3, cuz your 20 years old. Let's face it, your a walking hormone ( haha) plus you have tourettes inside your brain. meaning a screwed up or at the least a cracked brain, a little bit deformed in some way, a chemical imbalance as we called it back in the 80s,

    The bottom line, your still 5 to 7 years out from finally growing into a complete person, your body is still developing and growing, trying to complete it's metamorphis to become the body it needs to be to get you thru the next 50 to 75 years, there are all kinds of chemical reactions going on inside of you and your brain it's almost like a war with in you, you got genes telling you to be a human woman and other genes just chilling waiting there turn wanting to convert you into a male fish,or a unisex bird … it's amazing that more dosnt go wrong with those under 28 other then pizza face acne and liquid odd smelling skin secreations…haha

    Let's meet your sister sally… I think if you take your #2 brother named larry, and your 3rd brother named Larry and let them share the same tooth brush then your bound to get some crazy results that will have profound results on your avg everyday life and will no doubt have what I would classify as ( elevated stress levels) as an example your brother Larry #1… the girl on the bus/class… had it not been for #2 /#3 you may not have even perceived your classmate to ever have been an issue concerning her.

    Okay time to rinse and spit… Emma your in good hands. You have what appears to be a great doc, a living mom, and good caring friends/ mates … it's okay to lean on them, they got your back, sometimes it takes 4/5 people to move a sleeper sofa to an upstarts attic bedroom… it's okay to rely and trust them to do some lifting for you till you get back on your feet

    I'll keep you in my prayers to find healing and peace

    Hang in there kiddo… we got you

    Hmmm that dental bill looks like it totals up a grand total of $1872.98 tax included…. eeehhh don't worry about it, im not that good a dentist to begin with acording to my proctologist (llol)


  5. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so,so glad you are doing better. I"m sorry you went through that situation at all but am happy you and your psychiatrist are figuring things out. I hope and will pray this does not happen again. I wish all the best for you, Emma.


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