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DIY: How to apply Bling Crystals to your Converse Pt.2

I used Preciosa Glass Crystals ss12 & ss14 on the toe. to find and purchase the stones. if you have any questions or need help with anything.



  1. What type of rhinestone are you using the brand and are they like a hot fix are flat back. I am new to this and would like to do my daughter a pair on her shoes. Where can I buy the rhinestone at that wont cost so much. I love your work so pretty. Thanks for any help you can give me

  2. This is the detailed tutorial, I've been watching videos for weeks and done say what size they used where. I'm doing a pair of converse for my wedding. So I thank you very much……new subscriber❤️

  3. amazing work. i definitely am going to try this when i get some extra money to get good quality stones. just random question do you ever feel like doing this for so long hurts your neck or back? for some reason i always feel the tension in my neck when i work on projects like this. i try to stay mindful of my posture. anyways i love the way these shoes came out. can't wait to try i also need to purchase that tool you have! look so handy I've been using tweezers and ill dip them in the glue and let it dry but it doesn't grab every time. thanks for the vid! great information!

  4. Hello, just found your videos and I watched them all back to back. Can you tell me how many stones I would need to do a size 10 toddler converse and a size 2 in girls converse.

    Thank you

  5. I want to do this using pearls with the flat back. I used your video to complete my wedding shoes but some of the pearls came off. Can u offer any advice? My shoes were complete 2 months before my wedding, therefore, it had plenty of time to dry before I wore them. Please help I have a client that wants me to complete a new pair.

  6. Watching previous videos pertaining to this project, it was mentioned to use sand paper to buff the toe before placing the stones on the shoe. Is this true? Looking at your video I didn't see you do this.


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