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7 Times You Thought You Were Helping But Actually Doomed Everyone

Sometimes heroism has dire consequences, when what seemed like the right choice turns out to be quite the snafu. Consider these times we thought we were helping but made things much worse, and also subscribe for a video like this every Thursday:

There was the time we saved the life of a future dictator in Singularity, for instance, or when we accidentally helped resurrect our nemesis in Monkey Island 2, or the time we caused an environmental disaster of sorts on Pandora, setting the scene nicely for Borderlands 2.

And let’s not forget the time we transformed ourselves into the villain of Diablo 2 by bedazzling our forehead with a cursed soul stone at the end of Diablo. Hey, it made sense at the time.

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  1. So just like real life. Unknown variables will damn the shit out of you. Take Thomas Midgley Jr. for example, his heart was in the right place, hopefully. He figured out how to make Tetraethyllead and how it stopped knocking in cars, and some of the first fluorocarbons that we would later use as "freon" would not have happened without him trying to help. His effects were a great boon to most of humanity, and the side effects messed up humans on a global scale. That man damn near took out the ozone layer, and caused learning disability and other developmental issues in millions if children. Pfft the dark wanderer did not have crap on him.

  2. It was Galadriel. Galadriel said, not even the wisest can tell.

    As I quote:
    "The mirror shows many things. Things that are, things that have been. And things that yet have come to past. Not even the wisest can tell."

  3. If you’re going to make a commenter’s edition, put Far Cry 5 in since you thought you were saving Hope county, but in the end you can cause a nuclear everyone, which the cult tried to protect the county from


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