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Burning Man Tips & Tricks #4: “Costumes” (RE-MAKE)

Gotcha! They are called “Outfits,” not costumes. And it is all about looking your most authentic, NOT looking your best.
p.s. “Does it chafe?”
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  1. hey john, it’s noah grimes on my wife’s youtube profile, been off of social media for a while so i haven’t seen your beautiful face for a while, i know this is an old video but it’s good to see you again ☺️❤️

  2. Thanks Halcyon! I agree fully that you cant call them costumes. They are you in the purest sense. That is why I love Burning Man so much! I look forward to seeing you on the playa again this year! 😀

  3. "High fashion, wacky OOOOOH!" <3 <3

    From my cosplaying (BM virgin) experience, I can't agree enough with the shoes part. I try going up and down stairs, sweeping floors, riding a bike, etc. in anything I intend on wearing. Shoelaces and anything that ties to hold together (some tops, skirts, etc.) should really be tried out extensively because it can be super annoying to have to keep re-tying and double-knots don't always work (particularly with ribbon!!!) – safety pins, velcro, or just letting go of the thought that the item is even necessary can be useful.

    I shop on Coquetry for my funtime clothes because I have an unhealthy attraction to SHIMMER. And their service is great.

    "Can I play in it?" – awesome advice. And don't be afraid to go back and change. If the thought has crossed your mind, you're probably going to hit a point where you're upset with yourself for not having just gone and gotten it over with.

  4. Also keep in mind "can I ride a bike in this?" I wear a fiber optic dress one eve of the week, and have to gather and tie the strands every time I get on and off the bike. Another idea, for inspiration internet search images of 'festival wear' or 'steampunk' or whatever peaks your interest. Images that make you go 'Oooo, I like that!', save to an 'inspiration' file and later ask yourself why do I like that, how does it resonate with me? Is there something about the shape, fabric colors or textures, mood, etc.? Then contemplate how you can not copy but 'Frankenstein' ideas, and definitely thrift store treasure hunting. Please always keep MOOP in mind. Bea-in-the-Moment of camp Naked Heart. See you at Home!


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