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Synchronised Swimming in a Vintage Suit from the 1920’s ft. Ona Carbonell | Fashion Behind the Games

Ona Carbonell is the captain of the Spanish synchronized swimming team and fashion designer, can she recreate and train in an 1920´s synchro swimsuit?

Join us for a look at Olympic threads through time and the fashion moments that shook the Games:

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  1. I grew up a dancer and was just wondering why they point their toes/feet like that as opposed to a dancer doing a "move". they scrunch their toes, where is a dancer uses her whole foot to point. just curious:)

  2. Nice idea however the swim suit is not that accurate – it has far less 'bottom' to it than a swimsuit from the 1940s (Esther Williams period), which gives Ona more movement than Ms Williams would have had.

  3. Chlorine breaks apart or dissolves cotton fibers which clog filter systems in pools. That’s why we weren’t allowed to wear clothes containing the material or fabric during Physical Education or P.E. when I was in high school. May or may not be the same reason why synchronized swimmers no longer, or uncommonly, use it.


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