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People Model With Toilet Paper Feat. GabiFresh

The competitors must learn to sell in episode 3 of Feed Famous! Featuring guest judge GabiFresh!

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  1. Wait didn’t they have to follow the script but enthony just didn’t care
    I mean he did say part of it but he invited half of it
    Also I don’t now why he can use photoshop
    Jus giving my opinion

  2. Even tho I can't stand him, enthony is being himself by breaking the rules and being 1000 times over the top. Seriously, since he's getting rewarded for it, the week he actually does what He's supposed to do better be the week he goes home. (But what'll probably happen is that he'll get rewarded for stepping out of his comfort zone…)

  3. I think they are too biased of Enthony, Victoria is so good with her elegant pictures, Oso is also good too. And Divinity was beautiful in all of her pictures. Overall i think Enthony was breaking the most simple rule and that annoyed me so much


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