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Green Queen Video: BeJuiced – Hong Kong’s DIY Acai Bowl Bar

Green Queen explores Central juice bar BeJuiced, where you can build your own acai bowl with up to 16 healthy toppings!

*Copyright Green Queen (Ekowarehouse Limited).

What better way to start the day than with a nourishing acai bowl?
This ultra cute shop in Soho has your back
Be-Juiced lets you bedazzle your frozen smoothie bowl however you want
There are 16 toppings to choose from
Bee pollen
Raw cacao nibs
Assorted nuts and seeds
Goji berries
And their signature homemade granolas
The acai is blended with frozen bananas and freshly-pressed apple juice
Poured in the cup
Loaded with your favorite toppings
And packed full of antioxidants, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and totally vital nutrients
Don’t forget to grab a cold-pressed juice on your way out
These colorful beverages are the perfect way to get your daily fix of fruits and greens
You can also turn it into a delicious shake
Let’s get juicy!



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