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Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano starts raining green gems

The scene around Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, now in its fifth week of intense eruption, has taken a turn for the surreal.
Amid the ash-grey skies and flame-streaked lava spilling from the volcano’s fissures, tiny, glittering green gems are appearing, at times even raining from the sky.
These tiny gems are not unexpected during such an eruption but they’re nice to look at anyway.

On Twitter, residents of the Big Island posted photos of the green gems, which geologists call olivine. This name is actually a term for a whole family of similarly green gems, which also includes the more popular olive-green gemstone peridot. There’s nothing precious about the olivine subtypes bedazzling Kilauea’s lava and ash clouds, though: If you look closely, you can see the same tiny gems embedded in the rocks and asphalt all over Hawaii. Over time, those rocks can even get eroded into fine sand, creating stunning green beaches like Mahana Beach on Hawaii’s Papakolea coast.

What’s different about the olivine involved in the current eruption is that the gems aren’t engulfed by lava or encased in stone. Through the violent machinations of the eruption, explosive blasts from the volcano’s fissures, the stones are being set free.

Photos of the Kilauea gems posted to Twitter suggest they’re all quite tiny, and as such they probably don’t pose that much of a danger to people in their landing path. But olivine in general is very hard, slightly harder than glass, so it’s probably a good thing people aren’t finding larger gems.




  1. This is what happens when there are dozens of copycat channels just snagging each other's video clips and crappy robot narration, while zero of them bother to see if what they are saying is true.

  2. Last time I went to Hawaii I bought a necklace of olivine gems at a local drug store for about $10. Everyone else just thought it was glass – maybe that's why it was so inexpensive. I noticed the quality right away and studied it – fascinating stuff, that olivine!

  3. That looks like a green tektite. I love to see what else happens maybe I can pick some up in colorado soon. The Idaho area has erupted in the recent years months and zero media. I told ya'll the credible hulk


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