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DIY CRYSTAL NIKES – How to bedazzle sneakers – with On Feet (AF1)

How to bedazzle your Nike’s swoosh!!! and elevate the heck out of an air force one….all product details will be listed below.

air force 1:
original crystals:
Swarovski (recommended):
e600 glue:
i recommend the minis, the big one is very sloppy

If you do this project, please send me pictures, I love seeing pictures.

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  1. get swarovski crystals. it’s not that much when you get them off amazon and they look way better than the other ones that are a little less. they are cut like a diamond so they sparkle like one. you really can’t tell until you see the difference in person how much better they are. you might luck out on bargain crystals but it’s a for sure bet with swarovski.
    also take a stick and put a ball of wax on one end. light a candle and build up the wax from the melting wax. you now have a way to pick up your crystals and set them without so much energy and time. or spend $5 on some cheap ones at a craft store whatever.
    if you really want to go big.. get cubic zirconia off amazon. search
    “loose 1mm cubic zirconia”
    and see how little it is to put the closest thing to diamonds on your feet. sparkle sparkle


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